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1. We are always honest with our clients and will never 'sell' them something they do not need - if after explaining why we think they do not need it and they still want it, then that's OK.
2. Wherever possible we always try to sit down with clients, face to face, to get a feel for their business and how the web can help them do better. This also allows the client to get to know us and gives us a better idea of how to approach the construction of the web site for possible future developments.
3. We are looking for a long term relationship with our clients and Thincweb - the more success they have from their site / work the better it is for everyone.
4. We try to keep our pricing as accurate as possible and keep to our original quote providing the client does not significantly change the brief subsequent to our quote. Where a client does require such changes after we have quoted, we reserve the right to either re-negotiate the original quotation or charge on a 'per change' basis.
5. We prefer to specify what we will be doing for our clients in writing and when we need the information to complete for a certain date. Once the site is agreed the client needs to be aware that any subsequent changes (other than corrections, minor wording changes etc.) will incur a further charge.
6. Our policy has always been to collect 50% of the total cost of the web build from clients when they place their official order with us. The remaining 50% is due immediately the site goes live.
7. We always try to build fast downloading sites so that visitors can get into the site and basic information quickly - any slow downloading material, if necessary, is provided as a visitor clickable option.
8. Where large images are required / necessary we provide small thumbnail links to larger versions.
9. Initial page sizes will never be over 100k (including any images, backgrounds etc.) - we try to get them as small as possible 40k-60k or less. We want people to stay on our clients' sites; not to get fed up with waiting and go elsewhere.

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